adapter | Nicole Schuck + Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier with guests                                                      04. - 20.06.2010
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"0,44 PS - The actual automobile is the human being"

A project of adapter ( with guests in
Nicole Schuck, Claudia Michaela Kochsmeier
Gäste:  Dr. Peter Birke,
Bianka Buchen, Prof. em. Dr. Knut Dietrich, Dr. Harald Freund, Bernhard Liebenberg

In our interdisciplinary examination we remove ourselves from the machine 'auto' by examining the human being - ourselves - for his/her, our self mobility. What is self-organized mobility? What meaning does the goal have in relation to movement? What kind of truth in the Greek literal sense of 'not being hidden' do we construe by the correlation of movement with the change of sensual perception caused by it? Which constants are there because of - or despite of - the automobility of the human being?

When looking more closely for example the borders between urban and rural space disappear. In Island the street names relate to the landscape events or stories tat happened some time at these locations. Covering a certain distance is tied with grown understandings, memory and language. A person produces his /her own map in the head based on his/her skill to be able to create an individual reality.

The projects of adapter produce hybrids.
With  "0,44 PS - Das eigentliche Automobil ist der Mensch"( 0,44 PS - the Actual automobil is the human being) two researcher form a team in order to make an adapter-product - the hybrid. Each person brings her/his potential along and engages together with the other people in a new and uncertain work process. The common becomes something new and can also only be produced in teamwork.

The four double teams will prepare in the coming weeks for the three-day working phase in the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V. taking place together collectively with all adapter pairs. Artistic research combines with scientific research, specialists from art, social science, history, didactics, movement, environment, drawing, photography, video get together and develop their ideas and approaches to common adapter products. The evenings are open for interested people who in dialogues can work with us on the method of operation of adapter. The adapter products are shown in the exhibition that follows directly.

The 05th. exhibition in HYBRID EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.

work group                    taz-Artikel                Vernissage
adapter products                                               Introduction: Elke Suhr

Supported by the department for culture, sports and media of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek