T R A N S F E R  artist-book  Anke Binnewerg and Antje Seeger/ Dresden*                                     Installation  05.02. - 27.02.2009
Foto Antje Seeger

The internet-artist-book  as well as the exhibition TRANSFER present a process of communication between Anke Binnewerg and Antje Seeger to the phenomenon 'driving'. Driving is so omnipresent that we hardly ever think about it consciously. But how does it influence our thinking and our actions. How do we perceive our world through the 'lens' of the windshield. With "Transfer" the artists from Dresden open the idea laboratory and process archive of a one-year themed art discourse. Thoughts, ideas, ways of working, doubts, the complete discourse in emails become visible as well as all emerged works from the exchange like graphics, photomontages, temporary installations, sculpture models and mini films. (

This exhibition is the 01. for the year project shared space 2009 of  the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.                                               *for more information please contact
Introduction: Anke Binnewerg and Antje Seeger                                                                                                      more  photographs
Supported by the department for culture, sports and media of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek