Elke Suhr: traffic jam scissors, 2003

Performance in public
                         An external project of EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.v. in cooperation with
                                                                   kulturforum nord, 
                                                 16th of may 2001 in city north, hamburg 

traffic jam scissors, 2003

Description of project 

3 SMART cars are on the road connected by a net in triangular shape. The SMARTs move almost not noticeably forth and back so that an impression of moving stillstand can occur. Out of the front yard of the former BP one can hear modern classical music by g. ligeti (three pieces for 2 pianos from 1976). Whilst this is happening a truck is slowly starting to 
move backwards from the other end of kapstadtring. On this truck standing on top is the beginners'choir of volkshochschule hamburg-north, conductor mrs. M.Vogel. The choir is singing spring tunes. When the truck has come close to the group of the smarts a helicopter has come from above and comes to a stillstand midair 10 meters above the scene. 

Slowly does he let down a rope with a heavy hook. On that a helper will put an approxi- mately 50cm.long stuffed blue-silver toy car, which was stuck in the net before. When the rope with the attachment will have been pulled up the helicopter will leave. After that the drivers of the three Smarts will leave their cars and part the net in three parts 
which are stuffed at each SMART. Then the SMARTs position themselves into a circle round and eventually drive in winding curves from right to left behind the leaving truck-choir .Until 
the group is no longer visible. All that time the music by l. can be heard. 

The spectators have to be kept apart  by a rope.