At the exhibition 'kroko-mobile' by Jutta Konjer and  Manfred Kroboth the work 'moving sounds' can be seen. The work consists of four model cars driving on 
their own, on whose roofs there is each a loudspeakers fastened. The vehicles move by chance but completely on their own through the room. Each car is transporting information. These informations consist of texts, read by different people in different languages. In synch with he pace of the cars the voices are so much slowed down in pace that the texts cannot be understood any longer, but instead the sound pattern of language used comes to the foreground. With the help of the cars the sounds move through the room, meet occasionally and part again. 

Running along on the walls of the exhibition room there is a collage-like work of drawings, text quotations, found pieces and photographs, which deals with the question about mobiliy and pace in relation of automobiles and pedestrians. 

out of : Manfred Kroboth:  concept  kroko-mobil /  EINSTELLUNGSRAUM  / 2003