worked over in a way so that the reflection of the environment is reduced to a minimum, if not even wholly eliminated from the pictures. Even in outside photographs the surfaces of the cars look as if they have been shot in a photo studio. It can be presumed that the advertised product is supposed to be in the forground and environment should not distract. That just the car industry focuses out the environment in its advertising poses questions. Insofar is it intentional by the car industry to focus out the environment factor in connection with vehicles? What is not there (because of it being focused out) cannot be damaged, right?

Just this surpressed reflection of the environment is what the artist gives back to us here. In an figurative sense she does this by extracting the reflections out of the vehicles and transfers them onto the mirror foil. In the exhibition rooms you see mirror foils on the walls and on the windows. Those foils correspond with the forms of reflections which are to be found for example on chromium-plated bumper bars or headlights. You can see yourself in those distortedly mirrored. Also the road with its passing cars, pedestrians and buildings across is reflected in the foil in the window. The missing, the focused-out seems to be integrated again in the whole. And so also the ambition of the artist becomes clear when we come back to the word CROMOLOGIE. CROMOLOGIE is an interdiscipline science.
She includes the areas of cosmology, the science that deals with the universe as a whole and the reflecting metal chrome. As the chemical sign for chrome is "Cr" cromology is spelled without an 'h'. In chrome is found united  no longer only the inside space of a building but also the world as a whole. Humans, animals, plants, sky and earth - hence so-to-say the whole environment - which surround the chromium-plated metall rims, the chromium-plated headlights or the chromium-plated bumper-bars are to be found in those distorted fictitious worlds. Independent whether the onlooker is in urban or rural space - he/she cannot remove him/herself from affiliation of the whole as part of the cosmos, not even in estranged form.
I have to admit that cromology is an invented word by the artist behind which seemingly some sort of science is concealed. I hope you forgive me this small deception because the phenomenom of illusion is complex as mentioned in the beginning. Have fun with Hoeppner's CROMOLOGIE.

© Erica Lotockyj