Peter Boué:    BLOCK | new works                                                                                       18.09. - 02.10.2008
Zeichnung Peter BouŽ
Peter Boué: without title, 2008,
Drawing, without measurements

By strange shifting of perspective the black and white medium - to large sized drawings by Peter Boué move between reality and fiction, focus and non- focus, day and night.
In his landscapes or urban scenarios the light seems to merge in dim nuances of the darkness.
With this approach the drawings receive an underlying reality even though they may often show previously reproduced photo material. For the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM and the yearly theme 'Bremsen' (braking) Boué will emphasize on the extreme moment of involuntary braking - on the car accident, the forced stillstand. He shows works that can function like scenes of crime scene photographs or film stills and goes back to documental material. Thus he presents the catastrophe - or better: the view onto the events after the catastrophe.This spooky artificiality of the communication of the subject causes the impression of idyl and catastrophe at the same time - as fragments of a reality in which present, past and thinkable future merge.
In the basement the view is aimed to something different - to the car as a medium for terror.

Peter Boué, 2008
This exhibition is the 8th in the year project BRAKE of the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.
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Supported by the cultural department of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek