#autovision#, Siegfrid Fuhrmann
18.08. - 02.09.2005
introduction: Silke Peters
In this exhibition with the titel #autovision# Siegfried Fuhrmann presents his position to the theme of the year paradise and the car. This theme is about the relation of the technical invention of the car with the paradise and the questions connected with that, for example: if this invention helps us to accentuate para- dise-like aspects or if it prevents paradise-like conditions. With his title #autovision# Siegfrid Fuhrmann focuses on part of the inner imagination, an idea for the future, a presented design or re-design.
We are dealing here less about looking at the influence of the invention car  in regards of reaching a paradise-like state but rather about the factical design, change of the world with the means of technic according to one's own wishful idea. The human being researches and learns nature as constructed nature (as technic). With the knowledge about construction of nature on the other hand the human being designs nature in the form of technic and with the help of technic, driven by such imaginations and wishes.
In short: "The human being builds his world according to his imaginations and wishes and this world he then lives in", how Siegfried Fuhrmann says it himself.
The world as a common creation of the humans as origin of new dream imagination and changes.

Here I would like to quote a finding on the internet. It is a speech with the title Das Paradies im Kopf ("the paradise in the head") and is meant for students writing their thesis in the faculty IT:
" And yet you certainly, too, I suppose, carry some kind of paradise in your head around with you, in any ways plans and projects, which deal with new technology, with the new world (....). Who works in technic takes part in building the new world, the paradise, which is first in the head, in an idea, in a concept, in a structural charge, which then becomes a project, a progamme,  on the screen. Who works in technic, and this I allege, wants to improve the world, (...). Today you reached the goa. Tomorrow you start all over again. Keep the care for paradise in your head. You will need it, even if you never reach it...."1
In this sense the paradies would be the drive, the motor for technical design and re-design of the world - as a wished for imagination of a better world. What will come out of it is again another question, especially as the result - world - is shaped by many different designers and different wishes of imaginations.
Also Siegfried Fuhrmann has a technical background. First he absolved a technical apprenticship and later studied art, philo- sophy and psychology. Since 1981 he has presented his works here and abroad. He lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, and hence was activ many times here in Hamburg. Some of you should probably know him because of that.
His works deal with the relation of the human being with the world of technical objects. The world as a connected and bounded up system interests him, to which human beings carry out interventions according to their imaginations. They design the world by means of technic.
Acutally his works over the last years consist mainly of interactiv object-installations and combined picture works.
As we will also experience today, in his installations he uses threedimensional objects, technical building parts and gadgets which are connected as single elements with each other by so-called "Kupplungen" (couplings).