Text of speech: Sigrid Puntigam at the exhibition of Uwe Ochsler 
see Text of speech of  25.03.2004 

Ladies and gentlemen 

I am pleased to welcome you within  "four-stroke engineprojekt " of EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V. to the exhibition of Uwe Ochsler  who presents another artistic position to the subject. 

Already the title of the exhibition MATTERCHANGEMATTER  (matter of metabolism)  a play with words  hints that on one hand that we are presented with a lot of matter for metabolism, the subject of the year, because  and this is a reminder  the four strok of the otto-engine: "sucking in, compressing, igniting/working, exhausting" are a process of metabolism at which through explosion of the petrol air mixture warmth is produced and exchanged into mechanical work, i.e. movement. On the other hand the play of words contents also that matter is presented for changematter. Which matter does change from where to where and in which form and what happens? Conversion, exchange, transformation, transfer, displacement, shifting, interaction and confrontation? And last but not least  - what actually is the matter with which we are dealing here? 

The artist paraphrases with the title of the exhibition MATTERCHANGEMATTER already the interactive work and his intentions. 

When we look around in the room we first notice a threedimonsional instal- lation, consisting of ninety small earthen ware pots on pedestals distributed along the walls. Little plants are sprouting out of the soil, which we non-experts in botany are not able to identify yet. According to the artist these are different eadible plants like vegetables and herbs. These plants being separated from their rural and functional context  when -  like here - transferred into the exhibition room,  raised on a pedestal and in this large amount  as single objects as well as in the allover concept of the installation in a room seem to be art works. Nature returns as art, as living floral wall paper,  back into the former flower shop. Also as part of the project visitors get drawn into it in several ways. They are made to class boards with text on them with the pots, sentences which the artist has chosen from the area of automobile and motors. The artist also invites them so-to-say apriori to eat a vegetable soup today, in the setting of a common holy communion. But  planned is also to meet once again at the finnissage for a meal, to discuss the changes of the process of metabolism, as well as take the plants (elongation of the art room). 

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