(Opening of the exhibition 25.03.2004; text of speech: Sigrid Punigam) 
The year of four-stroke engine in EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.v.: 
"sucking in / compressing / igniting/working / exhausting and x" 
Ladies and gentlemen.  

Some pronounce it the year of Kant - the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM in order to  mediate  projects between vehicle operators and pedestrians pronounces it "the year of  four-stroke engine" 
And still: one has more in common with the other than one would think first. Think about it: that man from koenigsberg  was the first to land on the planets as 'transcentdental astronaut', even though he never left that city, and still influences the world today. 

Ever since establishment of the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM, by purpose at the busy Wandsbeker Chaussee four years ago, has there been dealing with the main theme 'car and road traffic' in a broad sense through several exhibitions - from topographie of situations to morphology of the car . There are uncountable articles, theisis, discussions and so on aobut the car, which like no other invention has made the 20th century. But most of those theises stick with the car body, the history of the technique, psychological and socio-economical aspects of it. 

Almost noone ever looked at the artistic aspect of the heart piece of a car: the four-stroke engine,  which the artists of the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM have made their central subject of the year 2004 and which they will reflect on in exhibitions, live actions, open discussions and also on the internet.  

The pure technical history of the invention from the steammachine through electrical, gas and petrol motor can be told fast but is not subject today. It starts, to make it short, with the three wheel motorcarriage of Carl F. Benz and the petrol carriage of GottliebDaimler, both of which were presented almost at the same time in 1886. Both were developed with the 1876 by Nikolaus A.Otto developed otto-motor in mind, which was still run on gas and a stationary burning motor  they made in smaller, improved it and developed the mobil petrol motor. 

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