Irmgard Niederreiter, Performance
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The perfomance of Irmgard Niederreiter lasts approximatly 15 minutes. in a regular succession  she shows colored discs in the order of traffic light colors.
At the color green she takes fast food each time faster  and speaks  with a full mouth the ever same text:

I like to drive in the car. in my car I feel like being at home, because I have everything I need. I have a comfortable seat.
I have a radio and a cigarette lighter. I have a mirror, my phone and always enough supplies. I prefer to drive alone, then I can do what I want. driving a car is great.


Prof. Dr. W. Dauch, AK Hamburg-Eilbek
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Based on his researches Prof. Dr. Dauch
has developed the idea, that perception requires the ability to take care of also complex relations as truth. When habilitas is damaged and requires rehabilitation, hence help for completion of habilitas, only a few stimuli are processed.
From this difference one can conclude, that perception is an action,  which happens each time according to the conditon of health the person is in.
With thought to the complexity of Being, so he concludes, perception is forming of hypothesises. If this can be trans- ferred onto interpersonal perception as well as onto intuition the stand of knowledge of the present natural sciences is not capable to make a statement about.


Professor Th. Willner HAW Hamburg Bergedorf
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Prof.Th. Willner accompanies scientifically the development of proceedings of direct liquefaction of bio mass and organic rest matter into fuel at the - deutsch stehen lassen, dann in klammern (university for applied sciences in HH). Aimed for are consequently closed matter cycles in global production and consumation.

starting from a Shell energy scenario until the year 2050
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he presents the difference in perception between world wide need for energy and consciousness for according resources, or rather the prepardness or non-prepardness for according actions.

Dr. phil. Ullrich Kaiser

In a free socratic speech, which confuses the used-to speeches listheners Dr. Ullrich Kaiser whilst speeking developes the thought: when is the question for truth asked?
By putting this question he presupposes that perception has something to do with truth in a sense of not-lying in-so-far as in life threatening situations the question for behavior that  secures survival is asked, with which he refers to the preceeded speech by Professor Dr. W. Dauch.

Doris Cordes-Vollert  und  Harald Finke
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Harald Finke (adam) has his eyes covered and stands next to sitting Doris Cordes-Vollert (eva), who reads her text, which should open the eyes of Harald Finke about the forces of 'paradise' of unconciousness.
After that both throw dice. Even numbers close the paradise, un-even numbers open it. With each kind of numbers come causal clauses, which are read out. The performance ends when all sentences have been read.

all photographs: Llaura I. Sünner