Ilka Vogler

Oh star and flower 

"...oh, what pleasure, a star is bright in the night  and shows me a path of hope, in which I can be connected with something non-comprehensively  big. Light is spirit. It is up there, far away....or not? The flower, it is here. It blooms besides the path. It touches my heart. I find it on my hikes, at my search for........well, what for actually? The ideal, eternal diversity, a plan, the  perfect? The spirit is light and far, the dress, like the skin like the flower is in its renewal in dying and blooming without end. With that the rest is explained: spirit and life are across one another but are still one for part of the journey. Life marked of pleasure and suffering, of lust and having to say farewells, of memory and longing, never is the hiker there in a now, always
searching until in all eternity.

Out of: oh stern und blume (Oh star and flower...),varnished foil - paintings, installations, 
videos, photography by Ilka Vogler. Opening speech by 

© Dr. Iris Simone Engelke
VG-Wort-Nr. 9300912
Hamburg | November 2002