Llaura I. Sčnner: Protektionsinstallation (protection installation)         05.03. - 27.03.2009
Foto: E. SuhrFoto E. Suhr
Llaura I. Sčnner: pendulum, felt, 2009, without measurement  more....

Gottlieb Daimler named his first motor 'Standuhr' (grandfather clock).
On the outside it had the look of a hang-up pendulum which Gottlieb likely was familiar with from his parents' house.
In German tellingly the four phases of the functioning process within the motor are still called 'Takte' = beats
(what the English call 'strokes').This 'Standuhr' was attached onto the middle of a carriage which now moved -
admittedly no longer with free-swinging pendulum.
Protection Installation by Llaura I. Sčnner reminds of the beginnings of our collective speeding which now - how could it be any different - has come to a speeding stillstand (Virillio, 1992).
Laura I. Suenner works with pendulums that cross the room, part it, if not to say.... cut through it, respectively  section it.
The onlooker / passer-by has to make sure he is save with his soft warm body. This is precisely the problem that has tto be commonly solved within the European-wide sponsored traffic project 'shared space'

This exhibition is the 02. for the year project shared space 2009 of  the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.   
Querschlegeln: Gunner F. Gerlach                                                                                                                                         Vernissage
Supported by the department for culture, sports and media of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek