Ghost drivers* / photo installation
means: drivers on the wrong side of the road)
12.05. - 24.06.2005
Annalena Grau
At the occasion of the 3. Triennale of Photography Hamburg

Invitation to opening on 12.05.2005  7 p.m.
Finissage 24.6.2005 6 p.m.
Podium debate about the term perception
with Prof. Dr. Dauch AK Eilbek, centre for extreme skull-brain injuries
Prof. Thomas  Willner, HAW Bergedorf, resource of energy
Dr.Ulrich Kaiser, statement to the philosophical term of truth
Irmgard Niederreiter, performance,
Doris C.-Vollert und Harald Finke: performance

opened: thursday to freyday 5 - 8 p.m.
and with appointment


Verein zur Vermittlung von Projekten
zwischen Autofahrern und FussgŠngern
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22089 Hamburg
U1-Wartenau / Bus 25 / 35 / 36
Tel./Fax: 040-2514168

Artist's statement

Ghostdrivers (means: drivers on the wrong side of the road) / photo installation within PARADIES - AUTO (paradise - car) 2005, EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.
The titles of the photographs name longitudes and latitudes of the exact geographical spot of their emergence. Like the marking of a particular geographical spot in comparison to another of this kind makes reading of maps possible, so do these photographs of the exhibition virtually form a net of timely as well as geographical connection. They keep a pure condition.
It is done without aimed staging or technical refinery. Though the impression can come up that the pictures follow a pre-fixed concept, but this only happens because of the choices and putting together of the photograps which came about more for documentary reasons.  Their staging or story-telling surface is only due to the moment. A rainbow cannot be ordered to happen as little as snow can, its covering quality only seemingly contradicts my aim to model mole hills.
The impossibility to understand something that lies beneath covering, or what happens at the other end of the rainbow is similiar to the try to imagine being a mole hill, and research its systems of paths whilst drawing. Those are something that exists in reality, but appears fairy-tale-like, frightening or impossible.
Anna Lena Grau, 2005
Anna Lena Grau
born on 21.1.1980 in Hamburg
2000 travelling by volkswagen bus through Ireland, England and Scottland
After that studying art at the Highscool for Fine Arts in Hamburg
2002 tetra pak prize of supporting the arts