Johannes Lothar Schroeder  + Knut Eckstein:  Fusch am Bau - Wasser teilen (construction botch - parting water)  installation    02. -  24.04.09
Foto E.Suhr

Knut Eckstein: construction botch - parting water, detail of the installation 2009
Johannes Lothar Schroeder: introduction                            finissage
Eckstein construes model-like temporary architecture with  packaging material. Thus it becomes visible that eternity which is inscribed in many facades is illusion.

From memories and relocations of overnight stays in the outdoors Schroeder develops the prototype of a perfect sleeping spot where he shares the space with the gods.

Related to actual territorial conditions the installations and media in this exhibitions make visible the continuous deferral interface between private and public use of open area.

more photographs of the installation
This exhibition is the 03. for the year project shared space 2009 of  the EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V.    
Supported by the department for culture, sports and media of Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg and district office Wandsbek