DaimlerKreis (DaimlerCircle)

opening of the exhibition
Harald Finke, Irmgard Gott- schlich, Llaura l.Sčnner, Elke Suhr

Text of speech: Sigrid Puntigam

Dear visitors,

I'm glad to welcome you at the end of the project of the year VIERTAKTMOTOR (four-rythm-motor) in EINSTELLUNGSRAUM  for the concluding exhibition DaimlerKreis (DaimlerCircle).

DaimlerKreis is not only the titel of the exhibition, but at the same time the complete board of the EINSTEL- LUNGSRAUM is concealed by it: Harald Finke, Irmgard Gottschlich, Llaura I. Sčnner and Elke Suhr.
The  DaimlerCircle had its crises and circled as long as soon as from the 'Circlers', that working circle evolved whose results the namesake exhibition presents.

One year long the artists opened up themselves to technic and art with the subject VIERTAKTMOTOR (four-rythm-motor). The by Nicolaus August Otto 1864 invented stationary atmospherical Flugkolbenmotor (flying-piston-motor), which works on gas, and develo- ped further nowadays is named Ottomotor  - even in your vehicle licence it is still named Ottomotor -, has become the mobile petrol motor by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl F. Benz, and was presented 1886 in the first petrol carriage.  The exhibitions so far did show different artistic view points in regards of the four rythms - sucking-in, compression, ignition - working, exhaustion. An energetical process of metabolism is taking place in the motor by the explosion and the burning of the petrol - air mixture. this catastrophical energy of the fire is
tamed in the motor with promethical forces of the inventors, being put under control and made subservient for human kind in the form of the automobil.
To conclude the DaimlerCircle wants to focus once more for an inside-look at the origin and developement of the whole four-rythm-motor.
Point of departure and base of material is giving attention to choosen, partly non-published drawings of Gottlieb Daimler, which show parts of machines and which he put down in seven chest pocket size very personal diaries from the period of 1881 to 1899.
Elke Suhr the pulling energetical force behind the project, had a look at the originals at the occasion of a visit to the archives of the DaimlerChrysler company in 2002 in Stuttgart/Untertčrkheim (G.), took them with her with excitement and disposed them as a basis to work with. The invitation card shows one of those original papers of Gottlieb Daimler out of the 6th diary of 1897. Between the suetterlin writing (old kind of german writing)  one can see a pencil drawing. It shows the trial or the mental occupation of Daimler to contemplate about the best possible order of the 4 cylinders of the motor.  The red writing on the invitation card with the title  though bursts the sheet  and already hints that the exhibition in its intentions goes much further.
Have you had a flash of genius today, an ingniting spark or an idea? With the technician and inventor Daimler those found there first expression in idea blue prints of his note books, which are not yet construction drawings, but disclose the first mental blue print in the head of the discoverer, bevor they eventually materialize them- selves in a long searching process of research as scientific recognition in the motor.
The same creative process is similar to the artist's and finds its equivalent in the term Disegno in the artistic area. Already Vasari saw the spiritual picture in head as a basis of any artistic activity and the drawing as a vivid arrangement and showing of the picture which is in one's mind.