But now I have arrived in the year 2006 in the middle of Unter den Linden (a large street in Berlin) where a 'stilleto run' took place this summer: only women, racing on stilletos of at least 7cm high heels. A prize of 10000 Euros for the fastest, exploited in the media with fabulously foolish pictures of long preferably naked women's legs in full gallop with instruments of torture on their feet unimaginable for men. Clearly a large group of women made a fool of themselves at the same time.

At the beginning of the 20th century there were already such women's competitions beyond sports: the "Hoppellaeufe" (hop runs) for example. According to fashion at that time leg-covering tight skirts which allowed only small steps were tied with strings so that it was truly only possible to hop in those. And then let 100 ladies compete hopping all at once -  true eye-candy but no sports, rather something for heroes
Of course this is staged by men who watch it, but women are allowed to watch, too. Of course this is funny for the women who participate, too, sack-races after all are still funny with 40.

Besides of the consumeristic and capitalistic idiocy which makes certain fashionable specialities which otherwise can be a stuble elegant one to an open competition the 'stiletto run' is basically a comparable situation like the stubble-field runs.
The stubble at the foot, the heel, is tormentingly painful when standing and walking for a longer time, but is firmly endured. Any direct positiv effect for anyone cannot be detected but one gains deformed feet and damage to one's back  after a while.
The indirect effect though is effective. First men invent shoes for women in which they cannot run off really fast, neither on a hike nor in other unknown terrain. Then the situation turns and even though nothing has changed the fact that one cannot run in these things it can be stated that men can be ridiculously easily impressed with these shoes alone because they are not capable of even standing in those.
Hence the sacrifice to which women in stilettos have commited themselves is shortened that way: not for the soil or any gods and goddesses one sacrifices ones non-disabled feet but determinedly  for oneself  because the communication has been as per wish either shortened or intimidated from the beginning and one feels undisturbed in any case as the men star at the legs all the time. *This way one can for example bring a car through the TUV (abbreviation for Technischer Ueberwachungs Verein, a german institution that checks the functionality of every vehicle every so often as per German law) in a very busy practical manner, just like the knights in the forest in the past, what objectivly observed does not offer any chances for a positive evaluation. This is called effective and optimized sexism and this is how it will certainly go on for quite a while.

 more pictures  of the installation
* During her talk Nora Sdun complemented the situation in the garage with gestures.