Katharina Kohl: Paolo
Videoprint from glanceroom 2001

"Together they started a work sponsorship in the years 2000 and 2001 in 
the north of Portugal and also took part in the international art 
symposium of Feital  - in Portuguese it would sound even more beautiful, 
but not, if I try to say it - . whilst Susann Beckers' work centre is nature and 
landscape, in kKatharina Kohls work the human and especially the human's head is centre of her interest. Initially and superficially their spirits part 
here, possibly also their temperaments. 

"She (K.K.) pursues the question how does it look like when somebody is 
who he/she is, that is in stillstand and in present . 
She lets us onlookers look into time, into the eyes of the model 
through neverending loops, to allow us long looks onto their and by 
that onto our own present. By leading us into this dull time span of the 
ever-same she opens up for us a path to the discovery on how dense 
our sensory possibilities actually are. "

"Some years ago Susann Becker dedicated herself in her photographic work to water and sand. Now it is the stones she contemplates. We see here the stones of Feital. 
They are presented in black and white with long exposure time and by that long depth of focus. In narrow elongated high format she shows us each a larger stone, centred in the upper part of the picture. In front of that a long stretch of rough , somewhat dry vegetation or a more flat stone surface covered with liches. The stone is weathered, has cracks, strangely bizarre, daring the beauty ideals of proportions and statics . Its age seems to have been lifted out of time and having been raised by that. Slowly one gets closer, stays for a long time, still and thoughtfull exchange of energy is taking place.  
This slowliness is reflected in the photographie. "I have gone into this 
stone age' Susann Becker calls it  and this double meaning of the phrase is 
strangely true. "

Text of: 
Dr. Iris Simone Engelke
Hamburg |  march 2002
'stations of the maturing look - photographs of Susann Becker and video portraits by Kataharina Kohl ', at the occasion of  2.triennale of photographie, EINSTELLUNGSRAUM