The world of nature reveals itself to us as a complexly designed system. Hence analogous to this  also our technical, self designed world is a more or less connected system. techic is based on nature, but with the difference that the human being is the creator here.  society of the human beings is also based on connected systems.

This evening you can take part directly in an immediate process of designing (seemingly as a technical structure) in a kind of artistic transforma- tion.

>auto = "self"<

You yourself have the opportunity now (please only after the opening words) to design an original system of art, autonomous and together with others:

Go about it as follows:
The blue object on the floor has connnectin spots (couplings), as well as all other single objects on the pedestals. Also the object in the window and the wall objects have such couplings. With a quarter turn /"click" you can connect those objects with each other at these couplings.

In free creative desicion choose objects and mount those with each other according to your own logical and reasonable sensation! No coupling should stay un-connected. All coupling elements and objects should be mounted, by which is formed a connected system at the end.
Not all mounted parts have to be connected with the blue object! Also the floor next to it, hanging couplings as well as several wall couplings offer themselves! The installation can and should grow into the room!

A connection from the blue object to the window object should be established.

Attention: existing electrical plugs (at 2 objects) have to be plugged into the cable outlets which project from the window object (security + function!)> "rear light" with 1 - 'gelber Polstock' (yellow pole-stick) with 2
T h a n k y o u   v e r y m u c h   f o r   y o u r   i  n s t a l l a t i o n  h e l p.

The exhibition construction
which evolved during the opening will remain unchanged in this form during the whole time of the exhibition.