Christian Hasucha: Equipment for  producing exhaust pictures guided by weather, installation
22.09. - 20.10.2006
Text for the finissage, Elke Suhr

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
dear friends of EINSTELLUNGSRAUM
dear Christian Hasucha,
would it be about the evaluation of a scientific test series we would probably have gathered here to analyse this series now under a certain question.
The equipment for producing exhaust pictures is not an installation of that kind. The set-up of this equipment could indeed be mistaken for a series of tests. But as the finan- cing occured through two different cultural committees of the city of Hamburg it is obvious to take it for granted that we are looking at art here. The current art discussion  which exchanges methods or questiones aims at the border of science and art lead to the result at which we can look at today.
The fact that this installation inbetween science, technics and art came about here in our EINSTELLUNGSRAUM e.V. makes me first say 'thankyou'.
Thank-you to the speakers of the three parties in the art committee Wandsbek, who supported our year project 2006 generously so that also this project here could be realized.
Thank-you also to the art committee of department of culture. Especially thankyou to Christian Hasucha, who with the mission of continous physical force has built for us this interesting installation which in very particular way interpolates our year project 2006:  To steer and to guide a car in relation to personaly and realy ressources in morphogenetical field
I will say more about that later on.
Especially Thank-you to Silke Peters and Jrn Mller from our board who twice a week - bearing in mind all risks - bravely stepped up the extremly high ladder to the filter equipment on the cultural poster board to exchange the to exchange the now-an-exhaust-picture-containing filter to a fresh one.
Also Thank-you to Mister Hansen of the Wandsbeker Wochenblatt (local newspaper), who could publicize a good informative  article with picture. Thank-you to all further groups and advicers who helped around realizing this project.
Well, the filter. Well, isn't that one excludingly a term from the automobile technics, possibly also environmental technics? What is it doing in an area of art?
First: what does a filter generally do?
Depending on how it is made it leaves certain elements go through and others get caught in it.
Here on the wall we see those 8 filter pictures of the last 4 weeks, corresponding to our opening days.
Caught, hence sorted out and kept, that is presented  are fine black particles of soot, which the diesel engine of this small vehicle has not exchanged completely into energy. Next to it one can see yellow-ish traces coming form paraffin, which is contained in crude petroleum as grease, as a state of compression of the liquid (also coal is still greasy).
Not visible but measureable would also be sulphuric acid besides traces of condensed water.
The colder it did become over the last 4 weeks of exhibition (as one can see fromt he blue color of each of the weather maps) the more the northern half of the earth turned away from the sun in the ecliptic - the colder was the lengthened by 12 meters  exhaust pipe and caused depostion of grease and condensed water as well as on the filter as on the inside walls of the pipes, and by that not to go through the filter in the condition of gas.
Of course natural scientiest would acertain all this as well. Why is this put up here in EINSTELLUNGSRAUM?
One could say a lot about that.
I choose:
Christian Hasucha has enacted very logical the role of indication, that is the character of reference of filter and
equipment, of all elements of the installation so that we get seduced to or rather lead through refering everything to everything by the known courses of function: The inside and the outside, top and bottom and also to become aware of what is not directly visible but leaves traces only in its bearings, that is the wind which has blown the cloudes of exhaust once to the west once to the north and by that has guided the appearance of the filter pictures.
Kasimir Malewitsch put a black square on white background suprematistically at the beginning of the 20th century and by that very abstractly so-to-say filtered everything material (black) off everything light-like (white).

With his equipment to produce exhaust pictures guided by weather
Christian Hasucha has created marginal conditions which let watch how the material appears on the thinking pattern of the white filter circle's plain.